Scaling Up the Next Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has a remarkable track record of producing valuable technology companies. Of the 13 high-tech companies in the world that are worth over $100 billion, six of them hail from Silicon Valley. All of their headquarters sit in a 50-mile stretch from San Francisco to San Jose. Not bad for a region that accounts for less than 0.1% of the world’s population! So the question on many minds is, “Where is the next Silicon Valley?”

In this week’s Masters of Scale podcast, we ask this of Linda Rottenberg, the CEO and co-founder of Endeavor, which selects, mentors, and accelerates high-impact entrepreneurs around the world. When Linda started Endeavor with co-founder Pete Kellner, there literally wasn’t a word for “entrepreneur” in Spanish. Today, Endeavor has mentored over 1,500 entrepreneurs, whose companies have created over 650,000 jobs and generated $10 billion in revenues in 2016. Not bad for a woman who was dubbed “La Chica Loca” by Argentinian entrepreneur Eduardo Elsztain, who thought she was crazy…and became Endeavor’s first investor.

You’ll learn why the “kitchen table moment” makes entrepreneurship so challenging (and mentorship so essential), and why Linda told Mexico’s richest moguls that, as “big fish”, they should “feed the little fish” instead of eating them. You’ll also hear the story of Endeavor’s first entrepreneur, Wences Casares, and how his success with changed everything for Endeavor and the aspiring entrepreneurs of Latin America.

We’ll also be joined by marine biologist Kristen Marhaver, who explains why startups are like baby coral, and how building a scaleup ecosystem is like growing a coral reef, and by leaders from “Next Silicon Valleys” around the world. MIT’s Joi Ito explains how Boston regained its startup mojo by focusing on biotech, while Tel Aviv’s Yossi Vardi explains the unexpected source of Israeli entrepreneurial success. And we’ll also learn from Andrew Ng why China is already the Next Silicon Valley.

As always, I’d like to hear your thoughts and reactions to this conversation. What are some of the ways that you’re helping develop the “coral reef” of your ecosystem?

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