What “bad” idea led to your greatest success?

The best business ideas often appear laughable at first glance. Google, Facebook,  Airbnb—they all sounded crazy, before they blitzscaled into spectacular successes! In the latest episode of the Masters of Scale podcast, “The Beauty of a Bad Idea,” we explore why getting laughed out of the room by potential investors might actually be a good sign for your startup, and why—counterintuitively—I’m filled with dread when I bring a company to my partners at Greylock, and they all say, “That’s a great idea!”

You’ll also learn the one question you have to be able to answer if you’re going to succeed in the face of rejection, and the one thing that convinced me I was the right person to start LinkedIn.

It’s a fast-paced episode, full of provocative ideas and funny moments, featuring entrepreneurs like Bevel’s Tristan Walker, Hint Water’s Kara Goldin and The Muse’s Kathryn Minshew. Not to mention two successful venture capitalists, David Hornik and Josh Kopelman. It will make you think twice before you conclude an idea is “bad.”

For this week’s episode, I’d like to run a little experiment.

My theory is that many a great entrepreneur’s journey begins with hearing “No.”

I’d love to hear from you. What “bad” idea led to your greatest success?

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By the way, LinkedIn and Twitter? Those were initially considered “bad” ideas too.