The Art and Science of Leadership at Scale: 3 Lessons from Sheryl Sandberg

3 lessons from Sheryl Sandberg on the art and science of leadership at scale:

  1. Great leaders create open communication cultures.
  2. Hire for roles that never existed before.
  3. Seek respectful disagreement (and embrace failure).

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How to Scale a Magical Experience: 4 Lessons from Airbnb’s Brian Chesky

4 lessons on how to scale a magical experience from Airbnb’s Brian Chesky:

  1. Pay passionate attention to your user.
  2. Design an 11-star experience.
  3. Create a magical experience… and then figure out what part of that magical thing can scale.
  4. Take advantage of the time before you scale.

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5 Steps to Finding Your Next Big Idea from Spanx’s Sara Blakely

5 steps to find your next big idea from Spanx’s Sara Blakely:

  1. Clearly define your purpose.
  2. Always be on the hunt for your big idea.
  3. Put yourself in situations where inspiration is most likely to strike.
  4. Once you find your big idea, pursue it.
  5. Find help in the right places.

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The Right Way to Build an Online Community: 3 Rules From Investor and Flickr Cofounder Caterina Fake

3 rules to build an online community the right way from Caterina Fake:

  1. Think about the community—not the tool—you want to build.
  2. Shape the conversation from day one… and continue to engage after that.
  3. Know who you are, who you’re for, and what you stand for.

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How to Turn Failure into Success: Lessons from Slack’s Stewart Butterfield on the Masters of Scale podcast

4 lessons on how to turn failure into success from Stewart Butterfield:

  1. A great pivot almost always springs from failure.
  2. Stack rank your best idea, dig in… and know when to quit.
  3. Take responsibility for and care of your employees.
  4. Storytelling may be the most potent tool in a pivot.

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